Meet the Team.

Hello, we are the Johnson's! Welcome to our little family business. Golf has been a huge part of our lives and we hope these toddler golf bags can introduce and spark a love of the game just like they have for our kids.

  • Charlie

    Our 3 year son who loves to play golf. Obviously, where the the company got it's name. It all started when Charlie didn't have a golf bag for his few clubs that Grandpa made him. He loves playing in the sand bunkers, cleaning clubs, and riding the cart.

  • Grandpa Birdie

    Our Grandpa was an avid golfer, as you can tell by his nickname. Funds to start Charlie Golf Co. was because of him. He bought Tyler bonds when he was toddler and after he passed, Tyler used those funds to purchase the first set of bags.

  • Alivia

    Our 1 year old daughter is just getting introduced to the game. She absolutely loves the fresh air and running around on the driving range and golf course. She is also very good at taking clubs from big brother's golf bag.

How it Started.

This tweet sums it up perfectly. Charlie had some clubs but didn't have a bag. All the bags we searched for didn't fit our eye. Plus, we love the looks and design of simple carry bag for adults. We needed to get Charlie his own carry bag, so we decided to make it and share it with all the families that want to make golf a part of their lives.