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Waxed Canvas and Leather

Our bags are made with durable waxed canvas and leather meaning these bags are built to last. The waxed canvas will show a distressed look giving it some vintage vibes.

21.5" Tall. 4" Wide.

Every golf bag is 21.5" tall and has a 4" opening with a center divider. Easily fit 3-4 clubs in each bag. Perfect for any 2-5 year old under 45" tall.

Single Pocket

Plenty of room in the single pocket for all the golf tees and golf balls your little one needs. Plus, a waterproof zipper keeps any moisture out.

Adjustable Strap

Easily adjust the strap as your little golfer grows making it the perfect first golf bag your toddler grows. The excess strap goes into the pocket keeping a clean look.