The Toddler Golf Guide and Gear Checklist

The Toddler Golf Guide and Gear Checklist

Ready to introduce your toddler to the game of golf? Look no further, we have you covered. Golf is a great sport that can teach your child many life lessons, values, and skills.  Plus, it's a lifelong game that many parents and grandparents want to share with their kids.

We will provide you with everything you need to know to about toddler golf clubs, what to look for in a toddler golf bag, mindset for the parents, and overall tips and tricks for successfully introducing your kids to the game of golf.

Why Start Early?

Golf is a lifelong game and many times it is generational.  The parents are usually the first people that pass the game onto their children and introduce it to them at an early age.  For parents, it is a great way for the kids to burn some energy outside and gives the parents a chance to play some golf.  It is difficult to find time to play golf with young children.  We get it.  But this provides an opportunity to get outside with your toddler and share with them a game we all love. 

Choosing the Best Toddler Golf Gear

When it comes to toddler golf gear, there are a few essentials you'll need. From an easy to carry toddler golf bag to some lightweight, real toddler golf clubs, we will guide you what to look for.

Toddler Golf Bag

Choosing a kids golf bag should be fairly straight forward, especially for 2-5 year old kid.  Don't overcomplicate it.  Keep it simple.

Look for a toddler golf bag that has one strap, one pocket, and no stand.  There is no reason for a toddler golf bag to come with two straps and a stand.  It will be too complicated and the kid will become frustrated.  We all know the kids will just toss this bag around anyways.

A waxed canvas bag is a classic look and true representation of a carry golf bag plus gives the durability needed to withstand the wear and tear from a toddler.  It also provides a waterproof finish.

Toddler Golf Clubs

Finally looking to upgrade from that cheap, plastic kids golf club set?  We have you covered with a toddler golf set.

To introduce your kid to hitting real golf balls (or using real clubs to hit foam balls), you need to look for lightweight golf clubs for toddlers that are made from stainless steel.  This gives the durability of an adult club.  Also, nothing better than handing down a kids golf club set to younger siblings or keeping as a keepsake.

Choosing the right size for kids golf club set is very important.  Here is what we recommend:

Any kid under 45" should be playing with clubs that are less than 27" in length. 

At 2 years old, they may be a little small for 27" clubs, but they will grow into them.  If you get a toddler golf club set, you will have 4 clubs to use.  They may not use them all at the beginning.  That's completely fine!  Start introducing the longer clubs as the kid grows.  At that young of an age, just getting a putter that is 22' long in their hands is all they really need.

toddler golf club set

Junior Training Grip

Learning how to hold the club is important for any young kid to learn.  Using a junior training grip on one of the clubs can help them understand how to properly hold a golf club.  

Alignment Stick

There are two things are important for kids to learn at an early age.  How to hold the club and how to aim.

To help with aiming, a small alignment stick can help them align their feet properly.  It won't be perfect but gives them an understanding of what to do.

Ask them to point to the pin they want to hit at, lay down the alignment stick, and tell them to put their toes against it.  

    Create a fun environment

    Golf should be fun, especially at this age.  Don't expect them to hit every shot and play every hole.  Let them enjoy the time on the course by things that keep them interested such as driving the golf cart, raking the bunkers, filling in divots, throwing rocks in the water, etc.  Whenever they think of golfing, they will think of these fun things they are able to do.  Plus, they learn from watching you so as you continue to play with them, they will gradually learn more.

    If you haven't seen it, Padraig Harrington explains this extremely well.  

    Check out this video:

    Patience is key.

    Remember, toddlers have short attention spans, so it's important to be patient and understanding as they learn the game. Celebrate their small victories and offer gentle guidance when they make mistakes. The goal is to make golf a positive experience for your child, so they continue to enjoy the sport as they grow older.

    With the right gear, a positive attitude, and a lot of patience, you can introduce your toddler to the world of golf in a fun and engaging way.

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