The Best Toddler Golf Clubs | What to Look For?

The Best Toddler Golf Clubs | What to Look For?

You are ready to take your kid golfing but you are not sure where to start.  We get it.  We have been there too.  You really need two things:

We are going to help you determine the best toddler golf clubs and what to look for when deciding.  

toddler golf set

Here are 5 things when choosing golf clubs for kids:

1. Weight of the Toddler Golf Clubs

Weight is going to be the most important factor when finding the perfect kids golf club set.  The old, cut down adult club doesn't work the best anymore.  They are always too heavy.  So, two things to look for:

  • Club weight - the overall weight of the club, including head, shaft, grip. 
  • Head weight - the weight of only the head of the club

The head weight is most important.  Finding a club head weight around 170 grams is perfect for a 3-5 year old golfer.  Having a lighter head weight makes the club easier to swing but you want it heavy enough to still be able to hit a real golf ball.

2. Toddler Golf Club Lengths

The length of the clubs is very important, but don't let choosing the perfect length of clubs for a 3-5 year slow you down.  If the kid is under 45" tall, then clubs that are 27" in length and shorter will work. 

Having a putter that is 22" is a great way to start as well.  Even if the kid is very young, they can at least carry around the putter and have it in their hands.  They may not be able to swing a 27" driver, but they will certainly grow into it. 

It is nice to have a toddler golf set that the kid will be able to grow into for a couple of years.

3. Grip size

 Don't overlook the grip size.  Be sure that the kids golf club set has junior grips on them.  Adult grips are too large for the small hands.

Junior grips allow the kid to be able to wrap their hands around the club easily.  

TIP:  junior training grips are a perfect add on to any toddler golf club.  This will help the kid learn how to hold a golf club properly which is extremely important at an early age.

4. Material of Kids Golf Clubs

Be sure to check out the material the clubs are made from. High quality, durable kids golf clubs allow the clubs to withstand some of the abuse they might receive from the kid.  Plus, if you have younger kids in the family, this can be a perfect hand me down set. 

Stainless steel is the gold standard.  That is what adult irons are made out of and have been proven to withstand years of use.

The drivers are usually made out of a different material such as aluminum and that is perfect.  This makes the club lighter to swing.

stainless steel toddler golf club

5. Shaft

 Stainless steel shafts are too heavy for a toddler golf club.  So, be sure to look for a graphite shaft.  And what about the flex? 

Honestly, it doesn't matter at this young of age.  Their swing speeds are very low and the clubs are so small that the flex of the golf club shaft will not do any good.


We hope this helps guide you to choosing the best toddler golf set for your little one.  Enjoying time on the golf course as a family is what golf is all about.  Introducing the game to the next generation is a pure joy.  A toddler golf bag and toddler golf set allows them to enjoy the game early and spend more time with family members. 

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